How to create own fonts

The font file DOSMENU.DMF is used to paint every ASCII character on the screen.
The size of each character of the font is fixed to 6x8 pixels.
The DOSMENU.DMF file contains 256 lines. One line for each ASCII character.
Each line contains 6 hexadecimal numbers (for each pixel-line) with a length of 2 (=12 characters).

ASCII character "A" is the ASCII code number 65
Because the ASCII code is from 0-255 we have to add 1 to know the line in the font file (65+1=66)
In line 66 of the font file we see the following text:

  08 14 22 3E 22 22 22 00
The hexadecimal numbers tell the font-painting-routine where to set a pixel in each line.
HEX DEC 32 16 8 4 2 1
08 8 X
14 20 X X
22 34 X X
3E 62 X X X X X
22 34 X X
22 34 X X
22 34 X X
00 0

To see a list of all font characters, start DOSMENU using the command line argument "showfont"


  dosmenu showfont